Systems Management

When IT systems crash, the resulting downtime can cripple your business. At Seven Star Systems, that is when we step in to take over.

We understand the frustration that computer and network issues can cause for small to medium-sized businesses. Without a full-time IT specialist onsite, you are left scrambling to come up with answers. Seven Star Systems offers both one off and fixed price solutions, so you always have access to the support your business needs.

Our systems management service keeps the maintenance tasks off of your to-do list so you can stay focused on your business. We take over management, coordinate planned maintenance downtime with you and your staff, and proactively alert you of potential issues before they happen.

We provide:

  • Windows maintenance checks
  • Patch management
  • Maintenance checks for VMware
  • Realtime server monitoring
  • Configuration monitoring
  • Network monitoring

Network management and monitoring helps to keep customer and business data safe. It is also important that servers are regularly maintained and up-to-date, and that backups are created. These roles are time consuming and require expertise across several areas of IT. With Seven Star Systems, you get all of that at a price you can afford.

We work with businesses in a range of industries that are subject to compliance laws and regulations. Seven Star Systems is focused on security, backing up crucial data and ensuring that your IT processes and hardware meet any necessary legal requirements.

Our Services

Maintenance for Windows

Perfect if you have a small number of Windows-based servers! Every month, we will:

  • Ensure your backups are working as intended
  • Install any updates from Microsoft and other vendors to keep your system secure

Maintenance for WordPress

Your website is one of your best ways to interact with your customers, whether it be to provide them with information or process their orders. You’ll get:

  • Regular backups of your website
  • Monthly plugin, theme, and core updates

Maintenance for VMWare

Once you level-up to a multiple-server environment, you’ll want to virtualize them to keep costs down. We’ve got you covered here, too! We will keep your hosts updated:

  • ESXi server
  • vCenter
  • VMWare Tools

Realtime Server Monitoring

Ensure your mission-critical servers are performing at their peak! We’ll be notified immediately of any problems, and can take immediate action.


If your business is sensitive to performance issues in your network (such as phones for a call center), then your network should be reliable! With a network monitor, we can identify problems as they happen, and pinpoint exact problem areas to help you upgrade your hardware efficiently or identify problem carriers.

and Anti-Malware

We provide free antivirus and malware protection for all of your workstations, servers, and WordPress websites. Any detected threats will alert our helpdesk, who can both notify you, and eliminate the threats for you.

Asset Tagging
and Inventory

We will take inventory of all of your workstations, servers, laptops, mobile devices, printers, scanners, and any other company asset you’d like to track. Each device will receive an asset sticker with your contact information and a QR code that, when scanned, takes the user to a special form on our website so that we may reconnect you with your lost equipment.

Security Awareness Training

We’ll arm your users with a full course on how to avoid phishing scams, malware, and any industry-specific data security requirements you might have. Included in this, your users will be sent fake phishing emails every month, and you’ll receive a report on who may need more training based on how they interacted with those emails. The result will be a staff that better knows how to avoid data breaches, ransomware, and scams.

Full Systems

Not just what you have, but how it connects, credentials (in a secure vault), line-of-business software, third-party contacts, and even expenses. You’ll have a single source to look up anything you need to know about the technology and people that support your business.

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