All your data, filing systems, software, hardware and network come together to create IT capabilities. Most processes run in the background and do not require manual handling. However, the minute that something goes wrong, your business will begin to feel the impact of downtime. When that happens, you can rely on Seven Star Systems for remote helpdesk services or onsite recovery.

We offer both remote support (either by email or by phone) or on-site support, when needed.

During your onboarding process, we’ll document contact information for all of your service providers. This allows us to act as a single point of contact for all of your tech-related issues. Something wrong? One quick call to us, and you can get back to running your business!

Some Advantages of Letting Us Help:

Quick Access

During your onboarding, we set up our remote access software on all of your workstations and servers. This means less time wasted, and quicker resolutions.

One Point of Contact

When someone on your side needs assistance, you have a single point of contact: us. Your support team will involve any third parties or providers on your behalf, should the need arise.

Familiar Team

You’ll be working with the same small team on our side consistently, so your support representative will already be familiar with you, your systems, and your business, helping with a speedy resolution.

Cost Savings

Many businesses don’t have the budget for a full-time I.T. person, don’t have enough to keep them fully busy, and don’t want to worry about gaps in coverage if that person is out-of-pocket on vacation or out sick. We provide full coverage for a fraction of the cost.

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