At Seven Star Systems, we use simplified language to discuss complex ideas. When you need solutions to I.T. issues, jargon will not advance effective communication. Our goal is to ensure that every consultation is a relaxed experience where the path forward is clear.

Your time is valuable and better spent taking care of the business processes that are within your wheelhouse. If computer systems and network connectivity are not, we can provide solutions from the ground up.

We can help you analyze your existing setup, and provide you with a plan for your desired outcome.

Some of the Things A Consultation With Us Can Help You With:

Data Security

Security is a crucial consideration for any business that relies on I.T. Keeping your network and data safe from cybercriminals is a full-time job. Seven Star Systems can ensure that your business processes are set up correctly, maintained and monitored and compliant with any legal or regulatory requirements.

We can help protect you from malware and ransomware, configure permissions to allow your staff access to only what they need, and even train them in basic data security to help them recognize and avoid phishing or social engineering attacks.

Business Expansion

Expanding I.T. capabilities can present hurdles for small to medium-sized businesses. Consulting with Seven Star Systems will give you access to the support you need to upscale effectively. We understand the level of infrastructure, processing power and data storage needed to facilitate growth.

If your business is growing organically through increased customers or engagement, Seven Star Systems will ensure that your tech keeps pace. We can also help you implement any additional security protocols and I.T.-related services necessary to meet data handling demands.


One of our clients’ least-favorite topics is regulatory compliance. Simply having a credit card reader on-site opens your business up to additional security and compliance requirements from the major card brands, and many either don’t understand the technical details of the PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) that their bank gave them to complete or don’t have time to research and complete it.

We have helped clients of all sizes, ranging from just the SAQ, all the way up to the full annual compliance audit. We can help set up policies and procedures that compliance auditors require, and act as your liaison to them so that you can focus on running your business.

Moving to “The Cloud”

As your business grows, servers tend to pile up. Phone systems, web servers, Active Directory servers, etc. all take up space, increase your power bill, and require you to manage physical hardware… not to mention equipment failures! Even if you’ve virtualized them, you still have equipment to manage. If you’re ready to think about simplifying your on-premise equipment and potentially cutting those costs, we can help!

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